How FSCM Master Class Benefits Financial Institutions

With more than 20 years of experience that developed deep expertise and knowledge in financial supply chain collaboration, Terbit developed the FSCM Master Class. This was required for the Terbit Rapid Adoption Program (TRAP) to serve existing and future client implementation. The FSCM Master Class is a 2-day course specifically designed for financial institutions.

The evolution of Trade Finance beyond the realm of ‘traditional’ products into the fast-growing and increasingly vital field of Financial Supply Chain Management offers great opportunities for financial institutions. This 2-day course is designed for financial sector professionals who need to understand the value proposition of Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM), so as to commercialise and implement FSCM Services with clients.

The evolution of traditional Trade Finance into FSCM is better understood by explaining the links between traditional Trade Finance and the three ‘pillars’ of FSCM: finance, supply chain management, and technology. The impact of FSCM in terms of strategic value creation (customer and financial) and benefits to stakeholders are clarified in theory,  simulations, and good practice.

The attendees will experience FSCM by participating in a high quality, online business simulation game: ‘The Cool Connection.’ This game furnishes the stimulating experience of working in a team. Better practice in Indonesia will validate technology-supported FSCM services and highlight key factors for successful implementation.

Implementation overview;

Clients: Bank MANDIRI, BNI, BCA, and corporates


Industry sector: Banking and others

Challenges: Insights to the functioning and reasons behind a well-structured Supply Chain Finance program

Solution: Cool connection FSCM simulation program

Outcome: By using experiential business simulations, we increase learning effectiveness and hence return on investment for resources used.

Training duration: 1 day for corporates and 2 days for banking

Case Studies–Cool Connection

As part of a bigger program or as a unique off-site training, we offer the best learning experience for financial supply chain management. Our years of global experience enable us to increase knowledge and application of topics that matter most to your business.

By using experiential business simulations, we increase the effectiveness of learning and hence return on your training investment. We help create collaboration in your supply chain, or with your clients, so that everyone understands their vital roles in day-to-day business.

For a subject as vital as Financial Supply Chain Management, it is inadequate to simply tell people what must be done–they must experience it. The Cool Connection is a variant approach to learning, one that embeds participants in the heart of a lifelike business simulation. Experiencing impacts of every decision clients make on a daily basis across the business allows them to break out of their ‘silos’ within the bank or other corporate. The importance of cross-functional understanding and collaboration in managing and optimizing supply chains is just one key lesson learned.

Through team experience, participants measure their own performance against others and receive constant feedback from professional trainers leading the simulation. Between rounds, participants reflect on what just happened, are introduced to new concepts, and then put what they learned into practice in the next round–the Magic Circle that powers Cool Connection.

Customers who’ve experienced Cool Connection find it is not only highly effective, but has lasting impacts on its participants, delivers long-term benefits, and make it arguably the world’s best financial supply chain management learning experience.

Main Benefits for Participants


Gain insight to challenges their regular clients face, not only from the P&L perspective, but starting at the internal entities and teams who handle the business. A training session using Cool Connection provides essential information on questions to ask your client to serve them better. Additionally, Cool Connection urges bank staffers to seek collaboration within the bank; clients are looking for, not products but solutions to their needs.

For those unfamiliar with Supply Chain Finance, Cool Connection provides new insights to the functioning of, plus the reasons behind, well-structured Supply Chain Finance programs.

Corporate users:

Procurement, Sales, Supply Chain/Operations, and Finance typically work in isolated silos. Participating in a training session using The Cool Connection creates a direct link between the physical and financial supply chain. This highlights the need for increased collaboration not only between nodes in a supply chain, but even more within the corporate itself. Establishing linkages between various functional roles, participants gain better insight to interdependencies between their own department and others.

For those not familiar with Supply Chain Finance, The Cool Connection provides new insights in the workings of, as well the reasons behind, a well-structured Supply Chain Finance program.

Figure: Managing interdependencies between physical and financial supply chains

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