How FSCM Masterclass can benefit financial institutions

With more than 20 years of years of deep expertise and knowledge in financial supply chain collaborations, Terbit developed its own FSCM Masterclass. This was a part of Terbit’s rapid adoption program (TRAP), serving existing and future client implementation. This FSCM Masterclass is 2-day course specifically designed for financial institutions.

The evolution of Trade Finance beyond the realm of ‘traditional’ products into the fast-growing and increasingly important area of Financial Supply Chain Management offers great opportunities for financial institutions. This 2-day course is designed for professionals working in the financial sector who need to understand the value proposition of Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM) so as to commercialise and implement FSCM Services with their clients.

The evolution of traditional Trade Finance towards FSCM is better understood after explaining the links between traditional Trade Finance and the three ‘pillars’ of FSCM–finance, supply chain management, and technology. The impact of FSCM in terms of strategic value creation (customer and financial) and the benefits to stakeholders are clarified in theory,  simulations, and ‘best practise’.

The attendees will experience FSCM by participating in a high quality, online business simulation game: ‘The Cool Connection.’ The game provides a stimulating experience of working in a team. Applying best practise in Indonesia will prove the validity of technology-supported FSCM services and emphasize the key factors for success in implementation.

Implementation overview;

Clients: Bank MANDIRI, BNI, BCA.


Industry sector: Banking.

Challenges: Understand the value proposition, and the “art of selling,” of FSCM.

Solution: Bank chose to have its personnel attend the practical FSCM Masterclass.

Result: After attending the FSCM Masterclass training, all bankers had more confidence in selling FSCM products to their clients and more awareness of more awareness of other bank departments.

Training duration: 2 consecutive days

Case Studies

Training in the FSCM masterclass includes an EXECUTIVE introduction only given to bank top management, director to vice president levels. This 4-hour executive introduction to FSCM Masterclass consists of :

  • Clarification of how FSCM contributes to strategic objectives of the organization
  • Through a summary of the FSCM Masterclass content, we explain how relationship managers are trained to recognise and identify FSCM opportunities, convince stakeholders, lock in the benefits in performance and risk mitigation, and provide advice on implementation.
  • Experiencing the value of FSCM solutions in a business simulation, where participants experience balancing of constraints and managing interdependencies of the physical and financial supply chains in a simulated business environment.
  • The simulated company is performing badly; step-by-step we present actual dilemmas of (missed) sales, broken supply chains, and unreliability of suppliers and of supply chain finance. Participants discuss and decide on FSCM solutions. The impacts of their decisions on the strategic performance of the company are shown.

In these 4 hours, the participants gain deep insight to what their staff will receive in the 2-day FSCM Masterclass training seminar.

Guidelines for Design of 2-day FSCM Masterclass

Objectives of this course are achieved in a 2-day program containing specific, interrelated training modules that contribute to the overall objective. To ensure effective training, we adapted “experience-based learning’ supported by new technology.  More than 60% of the training time is spent on highly advanced simulations, deal-making, real life examples, and break-out sessions in which participants reflect on the training content.  From experience, we know this training approach creates an open and vivid learning environment with high impact on trainee competencies, especially in working as a team and in providing consulting services.

Day 1: The main objective of the first day is to open the minds of participants to the Value of Cash beyond traditional financial agreements, and to let them experience the dynamics of Financial Supply Chain Management in a simulated business environment. Participants typically are excited about acting in a simulated business environment and gain a high level of understanding of managing financial and physical constraints in the supply chain.

Day 2: Its main objective is to extend the level of confidence of bank representatives in selling the value proposition of FSCM in day-to-day practice.  At the end of Day 2, we schedule a conversation with the lead trainers–experienced financial  supply chain managers–so participants can practice what they learned by breaking it down into steps:

  1. Awareness of decision-making at corporate level and how FSCM fits strategic goals
  2. Confidence in selling FSCM products and the corporate’s FSCM platform
  3. Helping the CFO to justify implementation: internal selling
  4. Selling FSCM in the new role of the banker
  5. Implementation of FSCM
  6. Break-out workshop on “Presenting to the CFO,” and closing the deal

One result of the FSCM Masterclass for bank professionals is ‘selling with confidence,’ where bank representatives are confident enough to move closer to clients, especially Corporate clients. With “moving closer,” bank representatives can identify FSCM opportunities and understand the impact of FSCM services on the strategic performance of their clients’ business operations. As business benefits from FSCM closely relate to operational management, the selling of FSCM also requires knowledge of FSCM business processes and the FSCM products that banks offer their clients. Selling frequently becomes more like consulting.

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