Cash Acceleration

Cash collection processing or order-to-cash (OTC) work flow is the heart of every business. Yet OTC is often surprisingly inefficient and difficult to track. The smallest error wrecks process efficiency. Accelerating OTC means no disputes, or fewer disputes, in collaborative processes. Disputes on price and quantity degrade the sales process for you and paying customers. The “traditional” 3-way matching process when invoicing your customers remains invisible–until your invoice is rejected. This extends your days’ sales outstanding and impacts directly your working capital.

TBXONE OTC business process provides you with the visibility from your sales order and delivery, the actual receiving and invoice validation process of your buyer process. Dispute settlement on quantity and/or price can be settled in one or two days instead of weeks. TBXONE helps you streamline and reducing time in this process.

Managing the Order-to-Cash process more effectively ensures orders get delivered on time and payments are collected quickly. Moreover, you recognize revenue in compliance with company policy, accounting standards, and regulatory requirements. In many ways, handling the Order-to-Cash process is the dominant aspect of a company’s relationships with customers. Now, make it the most important part of your business process management plan by using TBXONE OTC process. To start benefitting your business, register on or login to TBXONE.

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