CSR in your supply chain

In a world where everything is connected, understanding the impact of our sourcing and buying decisions is critical. Whilst the concept of ethical and responsible procurement is not new, the increase in global sourcing opportunities has highlighted some serious issues in procurement practices that must be addressed. Ethical and responsible procurement is now an economic and reputational imperative, and in some contexts a legal requirement.
Social issues, like corporate operations, are global, and companies are forced into an increasingly important role in realizing sustainable business networks. Companies around the world constantly reaffirm the significance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in corporate operations, try to strengthen their CSR efforts—and boast of them in annual and quarterly reports.

TBXONE promotes CSR by giving FREE tools within a collaborative, unified business network–designed to share commerce knowledge, tap expanded trusted commercial networks, and smoothly access financial resources from formal or informal financial institutions.

TBXONE’s CSR policy is accelerating the growth of micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs to realize the mutual prosperity of a trustworthy supply chain. While transaction software and apps abound, TBXONE provides access to three of the most difficult things to obtain in commerce today—trust, legitimate and affordable finance, and reduced time demands.

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