TBXONE version 2.1 is available for use today!

We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our TBXONE unified commerce network is available today! Version 2.1 is available to use and we’ve added a bunch of great new features we think you’ll enjoy using.

A few highlights of what we’ve added for TBXONE release version 2.1:

TBXONE provides company users with an exciting new user interface, business features, enhanced functionality, and small bug fixes.

These enhancements include the following:

  • Completely new and clean, crisp, and clear user interface! Login and see for yourself—we welcome feedback!

New 100% FREE business apps added:

  • Create Purchase Orders (PO) without first creating Quote Requests (QR). You can add dispatch advice and receiving advice on this process. Add DA and RA processes in your PO’s and it will be mandatory for suppliers to follow.
  • Multiple Dispatch Advices on one PO process. Useful if you have multiple deliveries on one or several days. Please note due to (country) regulations and company compliance, invoice creation uses same day delivery advice.
  • Item mapping, to synchronize and map your item codes with your trading partners item codes.
  • Add attributes to your items, an extension of your UOM in attributes management.
  • Category management now added to organize your items, following de-facto category management as used around the globe. You can use this category management or create your own categories.
  • You can manage your inventory now to keep track of goods movement in your company in the stock management. It will follow the DA, RA, and Returns processes. Manual interference, such as real stock counts, is facilitated.
  • Service Level management, to see your trading partners’ delivery performance.
  • Address mapping to map with your ERP or accounting software.
  • Forward Quotes–you can use this process to forward your quotes from other trading partner to a new trading partner.
  • Publish your goods (or services) on TERBITMALL online marketplace. Use as your catalogue is FREE. For using the payment gateway, see below PREMIUMS offering.

Read more all of above–login to TBXONE and go to PREMIUMS apps

PREMIUMS apps now implemented and FREE to use for TRIAL: login to TBXONE and go to PREMIUMS for more info.

  • Vendor management inventory or VMI–TBXONE now can remind you if your stock is below a set level. Set your MIN/MAX stock quantity and let the VMI apps remind you if you want to order by creating automatically a Quote Request (QR). By accepting the QR it will create automatically a purchase and sales order.
  • E-Faktur validationTBXONE complies with the Indonesian E-Faktur regulation by manually or automatically validating the E-Faktur process to the tax department (DJP–Dirjen Pajak).
  • SSBI or Self Service Business Intelligence feature, for people who may not be tech-savvy but are familiar with BI reporting tools.
  • Reverse Auction; auction your goods or services for the best price within your trusted business network or to the global network. Reverse Auction goods are auctioned to the highest bidder.
  • Dutch Auction; auction your goods or services for the best price within your trusted business network or to the global network. Dutch Auction goods are auctioned to the lowest bidder.
  • Publish your goods (or services) from TBX onto TERBITMALL online marketplace. Use TERBITMALL as your E-catalog (FREE to use) or SELL your products to consumers through our payment gateway. We provide payment gateways to all banks in Indonesia and all major credit card payments. Terbitmall will be released in Q1 2016! We keep you posted.
  • Komodo Cash–Easy access to convert your receivables into CASH; will be available in January 2016. A revolution in Supply Chain Finance!

Read more on all of the above–login to TBXONE and go to PREMIUMS apps

PREMIUM services

  • Integrate your ERP to collaborate with your entire trusted business network. We provide integration consultants to support you to a smooth integration of TBXONE, to collaborate more efficiently.
  • Get support for your integration–we provide Service Level Agreements or SLA’s to secure your business connection,
  • Get business support for your daily collaboration. Either standard support–for FREE–or choose support where we contact you, by choosing the support packages that fits your business.
  • Tailor your business process architecture to get the most out of TBXONE. We provide training consultants to support you and onsite support to get you up to speed on TBXONE.

Read more all of the above–login to TBXONE and go to PREMIUMS apps


This version 2-1 is optimized for Windows 7xx, 8.xx but not yet fully optimized for windows 10. We apologize to all Windows 10 users for the inconvenience and we are trying to have TBXONE 100% working on Windows 10 as fast as possible. We keep you posted!