We partner with globally recognized companies and governments to expand our offerings and deliver truly comprehensive financial supply chain collaboration services. The relationships we have built with our partners are important to our long term success, and we pride ourselves on working with these partners to achieve shared goals and better benefit all our customers.

One leading partner in financial services is Dragon Capital Group, an integrated investment group of firms centered on emerging financial markets. With a joint venture initiative between Dragon Capital and Terbit, we developed the Komodo Cash app on TBXONE. With this, suppliers easily access finance for their invoices.

PT Terbit Finansial Teknologi in Indonesia or TFT needs country operators with extensive business networks in retail and fast-moving consumer goods. TFT implemented TBXONE to serve Lottemart, the number 1 Asian retailer, serving 95% of more than 5,000 suppliers with more than 9,000 supplier codes of Indonesian retail local and global suppliers. Processing more than 700 thousand e-documents such as purchase orders, delivery and receiving notes, pro-forma and qualified invoices, returns, credit and debit notes, and associated reporting to support their physical supply chain business process. We connect financial institutions and suppliers using Komodo Cash supply chain financing to get their invoices paid early.


With The Cool Connection (TCC), we provide a master class in financial supply chain management (FSCM). A unique one-day workshop for professionals in supply chain, purchase, sales, or finance; or a two-day seminar for banking professionals to learn financial supply chain management. We trained hundreds of professionals in the financial industries in Indonesia. Bank Central Asia, Mandiri, and other banks have sent their professionals to join this master class program. TFT is an exclusive partner of TCC.

Terbit B.V., a long-term country partner in The Netherlands, has an extensive business network in the local governments and deep expertise in big data, business warehousing, and business intelligence. Terbit supports the BENELUX with TBXONE implementations.

Terbit Pte. Ltd., a company established in Singapore as a financial technology company, is the license holder of TBXONE, TBXONE apps, and TBXONE implementation methodology. Their people are talented in information technology, business architectures, infrastructure, and include financial and supply chain collaboration experts.

Capital Chains specializing in Training & Consultancy on financial supply chain management issues. Work for banks, active in (international) transaction banking, as well as corporates dealing with the increasing complexity around interactions between the physical and the financial supply chain. Capital Chains offers full integrated approach using the best experiential learning tools and proven program/change management skills. Capital Chains; financial game changers.

Square Gate One (SGO) Financial value chain services improve working capital and financial risk management based on e-business transactions in the internet between buyers, suppliers and banks. With SGO we bridge TBXONE to all banks for our e-commerce payments in Indonesia.

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