KOMODO CASH Early Payment

Financing payables or receivables so as to boost working capital performance is easier than ever. Companies on the TBXONE unified commerce network now have multiple options, depending on whether they are buying or selling, cash rich or cash poor. There are multiple options on TBXONE to choose from when designing a payment strategy. We provide the following early payment options: Komodo Cash, TBXFSCM, and Dynamic Cash Discount.

Convert your receivables immediate into cash. Komodo Cash has been designed to allow you and your trusted suppliers to optimize cash and working capital through your collaborative TBXONE trusted commerce network. Suppliers have the options to get paid faster on demand, with greater certainty and less hassle–decreasing their Days Sales Outstanding. Komodo Cash can also be used to finance your trusted distributors through your receivables.

Komodo Cash is a PREMIUM service, where suppliers can sell their receivables to formal and informal financiers to receive early payment. Suppliers auction their invoice discounts to the lowest bidder following a Dutch auction principle. Komodo Cash is NOT factoring and it is NON-RECOURSE, NON-RETAKE and NON-COLLATERAL. Supplier will reserve full payment, less the discount value and service and handling fees. Using Komodo Cash, supplier must have their invoice transaction history on TBXONE for at least 3 months. For more information, register on or login to TBXONE and go to PREMIUMS to register for Komodo Cash.