Premium Apps & Services

TBXONE unified commerce network provides the basic buy-sell, or order-to-pay (OTP) and order-to-cash (OTC) business processes to collaborate online with your trading partners. OTP and OTC apps run on TBXONE and follow traditional buy-sell practice within SOX (Sarbanes and Oxley) compliance. TBXONE gives companies agility and competitive advantage over companies mired in manual buy-sell processes. OTP and OTP are FREE to use apps; others, also FREE, are: item attributes, category, and stock management.

TBXONE PREMIUM apps and services keep adding process efficiency and increasing working capital efficiency. The following apps enhance business performance and improve your working capital: Komodo Cash early payments, auction your goods through Dutch Auction or Reverse Auction, Vendor Management Inventory or VMI, TBXONE PTX, TBXONE AT, TBX FSCM, and ECOM–including apps to publish your products in an online store or integrate with your own.

TBXONE accepts apps made by third parties. For more information, register or login on TBXONE and PREMIUM apps and services for more information.

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