Saving the Environment

Start your cash-to-cash business process cycle using TBXONE–you not only save money, you help Mother Nature stay green. Save trees–no paper required for invoices, envelopes, or other documentation. Save fuel–no natural resources required for printing and distribution. Save energy used in producing, distributing, and storing paper.Save oxygen–cut fuel waste and reduce the gases pumped into the atmosphere.

Save the energy required for distributing, storing, and disposing of paper. Concentrate your labor overhead on people who can open, buy or sell, execute, invoice or pay, and close deals without leaving their desks–all day. Reduce floor space costs to what’s needed to accommodate a small team of versatile operators. Save on HVAC and electricity, but above all save time from worthless cyclic and repetitive motions, and use it for what’s worthwhile. Use our green calculator to see how you can benefit Mother Nature.

What's New

2016-05-24 10:13
TBXONE version 2.1 is available for use today!
2016-05-24 10:09
Welcome to Terbit Business e-Xchange