TBX FSCM Financial Supply Chain Management

Financing payables or receivables in order to boost working capital performance is easier than ever. Companies on the TBXONE unified commerce network now have multiple options, depending on whether they are buying or selling, cash rich or cash poor. There are multiple options on TBXONE when designing a payment strategy. We provide the following early payment options: Komodo Cash, TBXFSCM, and Dynamic Cash Discount.

TBX FSCM is a module built to connect with TBXONE unified commerce network developed for financial institutions. Financial institutions can use it for their clients’ supplier tail, to provide early payment through payables financing, and for their clients’ distributor tail, to pay late through distribution financing. TBX FSCM has been used by Asian and European banks and is central bank of Indonesia compliant. The integration with financial institution back-end, such as online cash management or bank general ledger, are all done in SWIFT MT format. For more specifications and proposals, register or login to TBXONE and request more information through the PREMIUM services section.

TBX FSCM has been used with payables financing in the retail, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, and telecoms industries. In distributor financing: construction, agriculture and fast-moving consumer goods manufacturing.

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