Unified Commerce

TBXONE business network is based on the Unified Commerce, or a create once and publish many principle. TBXONE is cloud middleware, where you create once to all channels you want to publish to. It is one version of the truth, unlike many companies software integrations that create many versions of the truth. The TBXONE unified commerce network is all connected in real time. Not only on the web site: on the mobile site and the store site, it’s all in real time.

TBXONE connects the dots of where you want your business to be, whether business-to-business (b2B), business to consumer (b2c), business-to government (b2G), government-to- consumers (g2c), or government to government (g2g).

Experience the power of TBXONE unified commerce to create in a flash and publish immediately information on your products, with terbitmart.id, an e-commerce online storefront. Login or register on TBXONE, go to add-ons apps and services, and activate terbitmart.id. Publish and have your e-catalog online one click away to offer your products or services to your potential customers. Activate in TBXONE on add-ons the payment gateway and you can convert your e-catalog into an online ordering system. Online settlements can be done via our payment gateway connecting to all banks in Indonesia and to major credit card providers. Register or login onto TBXONE and go to add-ons to activate this feature.

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