Working Capital Improvement

Today ERP vendors only streamline business processes within your four walls. Collaboration with trading partners remains traditional—paper documents, faxes, phone calls, emails, and PDF (aka paper on glass). Such practices entail heavy costs in materials and processing times. TBXONE helps you through transformational change, from pushing paper to exchanging electronic documents, eliminating the time and expense of manual, paper invoice processing–all in one place.

TBXONE business process efficiency involves all departments–procuring, processing orders, delivery/receiving of goods, and finance departments with invoice processing. Through this collaboration efficiency, TBXONE supports you in development of working capital improvement and operational strategy. Need working capital? TBXONE extends additional financing options read here.

What's New

2016-05-24 10:13
TBXONE version 2.1 is available for use today!
2016-05-24 10:09
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