About Us

Globally, Terbit makes business-to-business commerce as easy as business-to-consumer commerce, helping companies like yours succeed in today’s E-conomy. “Terbit” originated from the Indonesian word “sunrise” and is associated with the “daily growth” we want to support with our solutions for small, medium, and even micro companies to grow their business, giving them the tools they need with use of the internet to collaborate in either local or global commerce.

Everything we do is designed to help you to collaborate with your trading partners, be visible, and easily enter business communities. We simplify the complexity of basic ERP and or procurement processes into a transactional process with supporting collaborative workflow.

Our FREE to use TBXONE unified commerce network helps our business users find opportunities to cut costs, reduce risk, and grow their business sales through better collaboration with their trading partners. We enable collaboration through a true cloud-based business to business platform where you easily transform your manual business behavior to e-business. It will allow entire industries to optimize business processes further by sharing data between businesses that have different or competing economic objectives, and it’s all connected in real time.

The concept of TBXONE is similar to the Apple or Android platforms, enabling you to connect, collaborate, and transact with business users as easy as connecting to your friends or finding people on Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

We provide companies with greater visibility to overcome their challenges with trading partners. Helping companies collaborate, we develop an efficient and secure cloud unified commerce network. With either new or existing trading partners, we help you in sourcing, procuring, and selling goods and services in a compliant manner that saves you money and minimizes your risks. Our solution is easy and fast for users, satisfying e-commerce needs and closing deals faster.

Transformational change, from paper shuffling to electronic documents exchange we help you eliminate the time and expense of manual, paper laden invoice processes: purchase orders, returns, credit notes, and payments. To eliminate spending more time in e-documents exchange, we support you with online workflow processes in cases of negotiations and dispute resolutions.

Last but not least, we strongly believe using TBXONE helps Mother Nature become greener. One of our missions is to “educate”, encourage, and help micro and small business owners to “green” their business. Over the years we have seen our E-solutions saving millions of trees and counting. TBXONE unified commerce network is designed to help you be more lean and collaborative in business-to-business commerce. Working on TBXONE, you can become more agile within today’s E-conomy while improving your real world not symbolic sustainability.

Latest News

  • New Release Announcement

    TBXONE version 2.1 is available for use today! We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our TBXONE unified read more…

  • New Release Announcement

    TBXONE version 2.1 is available for use today! We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our TBXONE unified read more…

  • Welcome to TBXONE

    Welcome to Terbit Business e-Xchange TBX it’s the FIRST Indonesian business-to-business e-commerce network. Now you can collaborate with any company, read more…