How Terbit Rapid Adoption Program

How Terbit Rapid Adoption Program achieve company objectives using TBXONE, Any transition from a manual based environment onto automation change management will always come in place. This is a particular challenge when deploying financial supply chain collaboration programs converting the opportunities into benefits. Companies have to realize that a successful process change not only need to “sell” to the implemented organization but also to the individual trading partner. This case study highlights the key points about trading partner change management or enablement process by using TBXONE platform and it’s applications and services either it’s FREE or PREMIUM.

Case Studies
Over the past 15 years we trained and enabled thousands of users for our financial supply chain collaboration solutions, where our Terbit Rapid Adoption Program (TRAP) was developed and now serves as best-practice user adoption methodology. This program was developed to achieve working-capital-improvement benefits from any TBXONE onboarding or user enablement programs and is key to effective implementation. Collaborative change management is a one-to-many change management process throughout company trusted network connections.
Guiding principles on effective onboarding are :

  • Registration; Business efficiency starts upon registration. TBXONE uses the 5-minutes onboarding approach: companies can register and set up their business by inviting their business connections to collaborate and transact online–in less than 5 minutes
  • Accreditation; companies can do an accreditation process to validate their credentials. TBXONE can verify company registered data with the Indonesian chamber of commerce data (KADIN). See PREMIUM services on accreditation on TBXONE
  • Training; TBXONE is designed with Do-It-Yourself Online Training: register and create on TBXONE a dummy trading partner e.g. a customer and supplier, to familiarize you with business process functionalities and features.
  • Training consultancy; to help you maximize your time investment, TBXONE PREMIUM services offers a complete training and consulting services. Supporting you to design your business structure within TBXONE, either within one company or head office with number of branch. We design the training consultancy program that will suit your needs. Either it is one-to-one user or classroom training. Besides training in TBXONE we offer masterclass programs in FSCM.
  • Train-the-trainer training; the objective of the train the trainer program provides you with the knowledge & skills to be an outstanding trainer in just 4 days. On completion of the above program, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to impart their expertise to TBXONE users within the company. This program is designed for large companies.
  • FAQ and video tutorials; To get you TBXONE functionalities skills up to speed we provide you with the frequently asked questions or FAQ and video tutorials.
  • Support; to resolve any of your requests different PREMIUM support packages are provided to suit your needs. Either you want to get a reply within one hour, less urgent reply in 5 hours or use the FREE support but get the reply within 3 business days. All support packages are with 24/7 email response only with the one hour reply are provided with online chat support.
  • Social media, to extend our support and have feedback such as at Linkedin, Facebook, twitter, Google+ and blogger
  • Webinars, use for new releases, training and onboarding

Best practice change management implementations
Client: Lottemart Indonesia, part of Lotte group Korea
Industry sector: Retail
Challenges: supplier adoption/enablement to get familiar with TBX SRC (terbit business xchange – supplier retail collaboration)
Solution: Through Terbit Rapid Adoption Program or TRAP methodology companies will be trained to optimize their benefits by using TBXONE
Result: Achieve the benefits on efficiency, increase sales and speed up cash collection

When Lottemart assigned Terbit to implement TBX SRC parallel thousands of suppliers needed to be trained to use the application. The objectives were;
1.    Explain the benefits to suppliers and Lottemart key-users
2.    Train in the application to suppliers and Lottemart key-users
3.    Train-the trainer training (TtTT) to Lotttemart
With endorsement of Lottemart suppliers were informed about the change of business process from manual to online. Selection of suppliers were important for success and started with the large then the rest were selected; mid-tier, medium, small and micro suppliers from all categories (from dry to fresh goods).
Suppliers were informed by their category buyers and expected to join the training as scheduled for them. And because TBX SRC implementation have impact on supplier oder-to-cash (OTC) process Lottemart requested all functions have to join the training finance, key-account managers, logistics (warehousing) and sales representatives.
Explain the benefits to the suppliers
Suppliers were informed the benefits in the transformation from paper to online process. The main benefits are;

  • Speed; all processes will be process not more than one working day
  • Perfect order fulfilment; on-time and less error due to synchronization on litigation
  • Online litigation process to speed up disputes on price and quantity not more than 2 days
  • Visibility from order, delivery and validation of supply chain and financial process
  • Faster payment on issued invoices
  • Increase sales, thus revenue
  • Business process efficiency
  • Overall improvement of working capital

Train suppliers in the application

Supplier and their Lottemart counterparts, receiving, category buyer(s) were trained in the complete process from; order, delivery of goods, invoicing, invoice receipts, returns, credit notes and dispute settlement in quantity and price.

The training is a classroom approach where suppliers and Lottemart counterparts do a one-to-one training on the complete business process. Prior to this one-to-one training demo on the system were given to all participants. Trainers were there to support they needed in the application. At end of day participants were asked to evaluate the training and addressed the new process experience to the trainer.
All participants were giving the option to attend at all time the training sessions again to understand fully the new business process.

By email, separate website and through social media tools participants were informed on the implementation process. A key person in charge were assigned to support and manage the frequently asked question (FAQ).

Train the Trainer Training (TtTT)
During the training a trainer were assigned to become the Lottemart trainer. After 2 weeks of joining the training the new trainer had to train the participants and were guided and supported by the lead trainer. After of 4 weeks training lead trainer hand over the training to the Lottemart internal trainer. Terbit trained over the last 5 years more than 30 thousands participants as a part of the change management program Terbit Rapid Adoption Program or TRAP developed in years.

TBX FSCM transitional change from traditional financing onto Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
Client: BNI bank
Industry sector: Banking
Challenges: transition trade financing process onto FSCM through all departments
Solution: Through Terbit Rapid Adoption Program or TRAP methodology banks will be trained to optimize their benefits by implementing TBX FSCM
Result: Achieve the benefits on efficiency, increase sales and become agile in the new way of trade financing

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