Tax Invoice (Month)

Itemcode: etax-month
Country: Indonesia
Pricing, terms and conditions of this Value Added Services
One month subscription: IDR 50,000 (fifty thousand)
Pricing: Might be subject to local Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax (WHT)

This value added service will remain FREE at least until the end of 2015

About Tax Invoices

In Indonesia, commercial invoices must be accompanied by a tax invoice (faktur pajak). The tax invoice is a legal document that serves as proof that the seller submits sales tax (value-added tax (VAT) and, if applicable, sales tax on luxury goods) to the tax office, and it later serves as the basis for VAT reporting. Its primary purpose is to display tax information, whereas the commercial invoice contains more detailed information on, for example, the quantity of goods sold.

Primarily, companies issue and receive a standard tax invoice (faktur pajak standar), which must accompany a commercial invoice if you sell goods and services to registered tax entities. The layout and numbering of the standard tax invoice are defined by the tax office, and it must contain the following information:

  • Name, address, and tax number ID of the seller
  • Name, address, and tax number ID of the buyer
  • Type of goods or service, quantity, sales prices or compensation, and any discounts
  • VAT that is due
  • Sales tax on luxury goods that is due (if applicable)
  • Tax invoice number and date of issuance of the tax invoice
  • Name, position, and signature of the person authorized to sign the invoice

If you sell goods and services to end consumers or entities without a tax registration number, then you issue a simple tax invoice (faktur standar sederhana). In most cases, it is enough to issue a commercial invoice. Its layout is not prescribed by the tax office, and it does not have to be numbered like the standard tax invoice. Note that in the case of the simple tax invoice, the buyer cannot use the simple tax invoice to reduce its tax liability, but the seller must include it in its VAT reporting.

TBX tax invoice features

When you create an invoice (company must register Country ID: Indonesia) automatically you can click print tax invoice and generates a standard tax invoice with its inserted tax number (insert in your invoice A/R), containing all of the legally required information above. The system also generates tax invoices when you enter credit memos and down payments (available soon).


  1. Goto Settings -> Company Profile -> Country ID -> Choose Indonesia
  2. On the Invoice(A/R) -> insert Tax (serial) No. (16 digit) -> insert below: Name and Position -> Save
  3. PrintTax Invoice on top of your menu bar to view your Tax Invoice (Faktur Pajak Standar)
  4. Print and Sign(depends on the requirements normally 2 copies) and add company stamp (if required) on your Tax Invoice
  5. Click on HELP to find more features on the new government e-tax regulation