ERP Integration Solutions (ERP IS)

Itemcode: ERP-IS
Country: Indonesia
Pricing, terms and conditions of this Value Added Services
Price per month: IDR 50 million (fifty million) per month
Pricing: Might be subject to local Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax (WHT)

This value added service will remain FREE at least until the end of 2015

About ERP IS

TBX is currently one of the most functional and flexible B2B platforms available today. Amongst all the features, TBX offers a web service API that enables integration capability with the existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Being an online business owner, you may have to take real-time business decisions based on the behavior of your trading partners. We offer expertise in native application protocols and file formats from SAP, Oracle and other ERP formats as well as unparalleled depth in industry standard communications and document formats, such as sFTP and XML. Your enterprise can leverage our ERP Integration Center of Excellence to simplify and enhance your business process integration and collaboration.

Our ERP integration solutions offer business with end-to-end visibility and control over the critical business operations. With our TBX ERP integration Services, you can leverage from the following benefits:

  • Automate the business processes and information transfer across the multiple systems
  • Improves the communication with your trading partners
  • Lowers the overall operating costs
  • Enhance responsiveness to the instant business changes
  • Precise data exchange without any error caused by re-entering the data or information

Our professional and highly experienced ERP integration team is committed to offer our clients with effective, reliable and a state-of-the-art ERP TBX Integration services at the highly competitive rates. Our experts start by undertaking a detailed requirement analysis to identify and determine your critical business requirements, you existing infrastructure and future plans, which helps them evaluate the most cost-effective.

Our ERP Integration Competencies

Our team of seasoned integration experts is well-aware about the issues raised during the integration of the ERP with TBX and thus, is prepared to take any challenging projects regardless of its complexity and size. They are experienced, creative and skilled enough at their work. Moreover, they are serving us and our clients over the years with their dedication and anticipation. Our integration consultants can help you integrate TBX with any of the following ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) branded or non-branded Systems:

  • Accounting System
  • Merchandise systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Warehouse management systems
  • Logistics systems
  • Treasury management systems
  • Other business systems

No matter what are your requirements, whether you wish to integrate an existing system with the TBX platform or wish to integrate a new ERP with your back-end, our experts will assist you on each and every stage during the integration process.


  • To know more about how TBX ERP IS can help you integrate your existing or new ERP with TBX platform, you can send us an inquiry at
  • Pricing depends on time and material per month (for Indonesia JABODETABEK area only)
  • Depending on the complexity we integrate 1 to 2 months to your ERP system
  • To support the integration SLA must be included (see VAS SLA)

Please note that TBX offers standard Easy to use upload and download of document formats; Purchase Orders, Receiving Advice and Invoice. This is INCLUDED and FREE to use in TBX. See our FAQ how to use this feature.