Frequently Asked Questions

What is TBXONE?

TBXONE or Terbit Business Xchange One is a cloud-based unified commerce business-to-business network platform designed to help companies regardless of size easily connect to trusted trading partners. Provides visibility and transparency throughout your supply chain collaboration to improve operating efficiency, thus improving company working capital and all in one place. And it’s 100% FREE to use!

Is this an ERP system?

It is not an ERP system, but rather a simplify interaction and synchronize company order-to-cash (OTC) and order-to-pay (OTP) processes with all your trading partners, either from your back-office to your trading partner back-office (machine-to-machine) or collaboration from your back-office to an online user. It is designed for business-to-business collaboration to better manage catalogs, orders, invoices and payments, and many more without modifying or upgrading your ERP – back office environment.

Can you give me an example?

It is an online business-to-business collaboration platform where you can start with a quote request looking for products or services or a quote offer to sell your products or services to a new or your trading partner. After receiving a quote or several quotes, you can create a purchase or receive a sales order. Send and receive notes to track your goods movement between you and your trading partners. And create and receive an invoice to collect and pay with a remittance note. If you have any returns on your delivered products or disputes on quantity delivered or pricing, you can settle them with a credit or debit note. All of these processes are 100% FREE to use online between you and your trading partner(s).

How do I have to connect to my trading partner?

After your register on TBXONE, you can invite your trading partner. We call this the “onboarding process.” Your partner will receive an email invitation to connect with your business network. The onboarding process is similar to other social/business networks such as Skype, LinkedIn. Whatsapp, etc. In less than 5 minutes, you will have your company registered and will be on your way to connecting with your trusted business network.

Can I see other businesses like in Skype, LinkedIn or WhatsApp?

You can search for companies and find your known or new businesses and request to connect with your trusted network. Before they accept your invitation, they can see what business you are by looking at the business profile page you created.

Is it FREE?

We provide you with “tons” of business efficiency app processes from quotes, purchase/sales orders, delivery/receiving notes, invoices, as well as returns to credit/debit notes. ALL 100% FREE!

WOW! Are there many more of these freebies?

On top of all the goodies we listed above, we add item, attributes, category and inventory management to support your basic business processes. And all of this is 100% FREE!

What is the catch here?

The solution we provide is a FREEMIUM model providing FREE basic business processes. If you are happy with the FREEMIUM apps, you can buy or register for PREMIUM apps or services. PREMIUM apps and services are designed to generate more value on top of our FREEMIUM business process. So NO catch here, it is all up to you if you need those PREMIUMS.

Now it is getting interesting! What are the PREMIUMS?

There are tons of PREMIUMS to support you with a whole series of apps and services that create and build value at every step of your collaboration. Some apps that will create more value are: Dutch and reverse auctions, vendor management inventory (VMI), Early Payment apps to help you get paid earlier, a2bx to get you the best price for your transport, an ERP integration app to connect your back office with TBXONE. Premium services include consultancy, training, and support packages ranging on topics from email support to monitoring of your integration between TBXONE and your back office – or what we called service-level-agreement (SLA) – and many more you can read on TBXONE.

So TBXONE provides E-Procurement?

E-procurement on TBXONE is divided into 4 parts: pre-procurement, procure-to-pay, post procure, and payments process flows.

  1. Pre-procurement process is sourcing, supplier selection, and negotiation and contract/catalog The 100% FREE to use Quote Request app will support and simplify your pre-procurement process.
  2. Procure-to-Pay apps create purchase orders, receiving notes, and receiving invoices and are also 100% FREE to use apps.
  3. Post Procurement Return Invoice and Debit Notes apps support the return of goods process (whether it is due to defect or rejection of goods), and this can be after the delivery and/or invoicing process. And YES, again, it’s 100% FREE to use!
  4. Payment apps are Remittance Notes where you can select your due invoices with/or without deduction to pay to your suppliers. And it’s 100% FREE again!
Do TBXONE have disputes management apps?

Quantity and price disputes are aligned with the receiving app. For price disputes, you can activate a pro-forma invoice to review and settle (if any) your price before creating an invoice. A proforma invoice can be activated by either you as a buyer or by your supplier in your pre-procurement or procure-to-pay process. All of your dispute settlement history is recorded in our system with revision documents.

What is the function of a proforma invoice in TBXONE?

A proforma invoice or PFI has been designed to settle your price disputes before sending the original invoice to your buyer. This app will support you so that you can create the qualified invoice for on-time payment. We call this process “reverse invoicing” where the buyer and the supplier have to agree on actual quantity and price before sending the original invoice.

TBXONE also provides the supplier with the sales process when the buyer initiates e-procurement?

TBXONE provides your supplier order-to-cash (OTC) apps like sales order, delivery notes, invoice, returns, credit/debit notes, and remittance notes. OTC is the opposite process of procure-to-pay.

Do I just have to accept my returns and/or credit/debit notes from my trading partner?

Both parties can settle their return invoices (RI) and/or credit/debit notes (CN/DN) through a two-way process. These processes are recorded with document revisions.

This sounds like a LOT, and it seems that I have to be a large company to truly use all of these FREEBIES!

With quote request and quote offer in our basic e-procurement app, TBXONE cuts out the complexity, cost in time, and confusion for users. With more than 20 years in supply chain collaboration processes, we have designed and follow accounting standards like IFRS and compliance standards like Sarbanes and Oxley (or SOX).  Whether you are the florist around the corner, a consultant, or a manufacturer, every business can use TBXONE. Try it and become a part of global business compliance doing business in a lean and mean way!

Is TBXONE only a business-to-business platform for products?

TBXONE is designed for all types of businesses whether you are in products, non-finished products, or services. Both buy and sell processes are designed to support you in a compliance matters.

I’m new in the business, how can I use the pre-procurement process to get the best price for my goods or services?

TBXONE provides you the FREEMIUM quote offer to get the best price from your connected trading partners. This is a one-to-one quote request to your connected trading partners. If you want to automate the process to one-to-many trading partners, then you can use the PREMIUM Dutch or reverse auctions. By doing so, you can get the lowest resp. highest price by using these apps. These auction apps are more advanced than the quote apps. These apps allow you to grade the proposed seller with your pre-requisites and allow you to source outside your preferred or trusted business network. Read more on how these apps can bring you value in your e-procurement process.

I have more than one company, can I connect all of them?

You can create as many companies as you like and link them all together. Either create a holding company with parent and branches or separate entities. As the “owner” or company administrator, you can set the roles and authorization of these business apps. For instance, your finance operation responsible person can view all company financial transactions within the company structure you have created. All processes are recorded as either in progress or finished and archived.

Can I use it for internal purchasing between branches or departments?

TBXONE provides a flexible company structure setting. Through a unique, generated global location number (or GLN numbering), you can create branches and departments. From these GLN departments or branches, you can use the e-procurement apps to order products.

Any other FREEBIES to give away?

To support your basic business supply chain collaboration process procure-to-pay and order-to-cash, we have added the following FREEMIUM value material management (MM) apps:

  1. Item management – where you create your items and immediately use them in your quotes and purchase orders.
  2. Item mapping – Items from your trading partner can be mapped when quotes or sales orders are received and vice versa by your trading partner.
  3. Units of measurement can be added onto the items, or the value of the physical quantity can be expressed as a simple multiple of the unit of measurement such as length, weight, width, depth, etc. TBXONE provide a defaults UOM and user can create according their business collaboration process.
  4. Attributes management supports the UOM with descriptions such as,g., Length = 20 cm and color = green.
  5. Category management is broken down into discrete groups of similar or related products; these groups are known as product TBXONE provides a standard category management to use in e-commerce and seven levels “deep” (e.g., baby shampoo is a product category of health and beauty and under product category infants).
  6. Inventory/stock management keeps the inventory up-to-date. At purchase or point of sale, the stock item will be updated automatically. Returns can be added manually into the inventory after inspection of the goods.

All of the above apps are 100% FREE to use, and they are FREEMIUM apps. Go to TBXONE to try to use it in your business.

Do TBXONE have catalog management?

Your MM apps automatically create an e-catalogue on your business page that can be published either publicly or privately. Connected business partners can view and request a proposal from your e-catalogue.

Do TBXONE provide visibility to my supplier to manage the supplied stock?

As a PREMIUM app, we developed vendor management inventory or VMI where buyers can set a minimum and maximum quantity on their inventory management. Suppliers can view the stock movement for his production planning on forecasts of demand. Buyers can set a manual or auto create quote request to review his stock before sending a purchase order to the respected supplier. Automatically create a purchase order to send to the respected supplier once the stock reaches the minimum quantity. Go to TBXONE to read more on how this can add value to your FREEMIUM MM apps.

I want to use SAP as my source but integrate and collaborate my procure-to-pay and order-to-cash with my online trading partners. How does TBXONE do this?

TBXONE can integrate with ERP vendors through many de-facto and standard formats such CSV, XML, SI UBL, structured text, EDIFACT, GS1 XML, and SWIFT. Common best practice communication protocols we use are web-services, AS2, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, and SSL. Corporations can select their preferred ERP Integration app. Go to TBXONE to read more on how this can add value onto your FREEMIUM MM apps.

Do we get support implementing the ERP integration app?

TBXONE provides you with internal or third party solution consultants to support you with your ERP integration app. Solution Partners are consultants that help you to integrate with the TBXONE platform and use the TBXONE Integration Guide or TIG to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. These solution consultants are offered through TBXONE PREMIUM services. Solution Partners are specialized in industry specific and/or advanced technology areas. Working together, we use our combined strengths to create and deliver, project management, innovative solutions, and apps for our integration clients. Go to TBXONE to read more on how this PREMIUM ERP integration app can add value onto your FREEMIUM apps.

Do you provide a Do-It-Yourself TIG?

Within TBXONE, you can integrate a semi-manual integration with your back-office software, e.g., accounting vendors like MYOB, EXACT, and others. We provide this TIG for FREE to TBXONE users that wants to connect to with their back-office. If you need support on this, please read and select the appropriate support package. Go to TBXONE PREMIUM to download the TIG to value your use on TBXONE.

Do TBXONE provide e-commerce apps to sell my products online?

In one click, you can export and publish your products to your online portal. Items, description, attributes, pictures can be selected and immediate published to TBXONEMART or Prerequisite is the use of MM (material master) apps for effective e-commerce. TBXONE can allocate either manually or automatically your stock Go to TBXONE to read more on how this PREMIUM ECOM integration app can extend in a flash from business-to-business to business-to-consumer.

I’m just a web user on TBXONE do you provide support?

To resolve any of your requests, different PREMIUM support packages are provided to suit your needs. Either you want to get a reply within one hour, less urgent reply in 5 hours or use the FREEMIUM support but get the reply within 3 business days. All support packages are with 24/7 email response only with the one hour reply are provided with online chat support. Go to TBXONE to read more about which SUPPORT packages you want to use to support your business.

Do you support my ERP integration?

For ERP integration users, it is mandatory to buy the PREMIUM SLA (service level agreement) services. Our support team will do proactive monitoring of all your transaction processes between your ERP and your trading partners on TBXONE. We use ZENDESK for our support desk and produce a weekly activity report from our collaboration. Go to TBXONE to read more PREMIUM SLA to support your ERP integration.

Do you have more FREEBIES to benefit my business?

How about Early Payment apps to help with your cash inflow thus improve your working capital? TBXONE have different early payments apps to do this:

  1. Cash discounting app – you as the buyer can support your supplier by offering cash discounts on his invoice. You can set a flexible cash discount, e.g., 2/3 (2% if paid within 3 days on payment due of 30 days) net 30 or 2/30 (2% if paid within 30 days on pay due of 30 days) net 30. TBXONE calculates the discount through a dynamic cash discounting formula where the discount get lower until the days offered is reached, in our example 3 and 30 days.
  2. Offer your receivables through TBX FSCM (terbit business xchange financial supply chain management) app where the financial institution(s) finance your receivables either with or without recourse.
  3. KOMODO CASH app is our latest early payment solution to help suppliers to finance their receivables through formal and informal financiers. This solution is non-recourse to the seller of receivables and decides which discounting and on which discounting they want to take from the purchaser of the receivables. You can set the discounting rate in just two easy steps.

Go to TBXONE to read more on TBXONE early payments solutions. To the seller of the invoices, all early payments solutions are FREEMIUM with terms and condition of the respected apps: TBX FSCM and KOMODO CASH. You can also read our case studies on cash discount and TBX FSCM on our websites.

I’m a financial institution can I offer trade financing through your TBXONE business network?

TBX FSCM is designed for financial institutions to offer your trade finance products onto the TBXONE business network. TBX FSCM has 3 different financing modules: working capital financing (from PO, delivery or factoring), payable financing (reverse factoring, confirming, supplier financing), and distributor financing. Go to TBXONE to download the white paper on how TBX FSCM can bring value to your financial institution. You can read TBX FSCM case study on the website.

I’m a mutual fund can I become a purchaser of receivables on Komodo Cash?

Every creditworthy investor, mutual funder or financial institution can buy qualified receivables through the Komodo Cash early payment app. Go to TBXONE and read the terms and conditions before you register to start benefitting from your investments.

Do you provide private cloud on premises?

TBXONE public cloud can be accessed on a per request use as private cloud either managed by us on our or your data center. The agreement is 3 years for TBX PTX (private trade xchange) managed by us and 5 years for on-premises in your data center as TBX AT (application technology). TBX AT is supplied and installed on our hardware and remotely monitored by us. Both offerings are not for commercial purposes, and terms and conditions apply. SLA app is mandatory for the private cloud offering. Go to TBXONE and read the terms and conditions, then register and buy the app to start benefitting from your investments.

Do you provide a TBXONE license?

TBXONE is available for licensing with an annual maintenance fee. The procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, return, credit/debit notes, remittance notes and dispute apps are standard in the basic TBXONE license. Installation, configuration, and parameterizing are based on PREMIUM services through our solution consultant. Other PREMIUM services are separate offerings. Go to TBXONE and read more on licensing and pricing.

How secure is TBXONE?

TBXONE is SSL secured by Thawte. We use Thawte because large companies like Google and LinkedIn are using this trusted seal for their platform. All passwords are securely stored and encrypted in our database.

We employ session time-outs to protect your account. You will be logged out of the site automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. This reduces the risk of others being able to access your account if you leave your computer unattended.

You should never share your password with anyone. On TBXONE, your password is stored in a secured database after encrypting it with a 256-bit algorithm so that nobody can read it. When the system needs to use the credentials, an automated program decrypts the password and uses it securely to validate the credentials. At no point in time can any TBXONE employees get access to you or your trading partner’s password.

On TBXONE, we use code scramblers to encode our site. This scrambling ensures that if someone tries to look at the source code of our platform to hack it, then the only thing they will see is scrambled data. Finally, we have locked our entire codebase to our site, so no one from outside can hack our code and use it to access your information.

We maintain continuous encryption, auditing, logging, backups, and safeguarding of data.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the security technology for encrypting a link between a web server and a browser. All data passed between our web server, and your browser remains private and secure.

When you type TBXONE into the address bar, it will add a green “lock” icon. You’ll also notice that http:// is replaced by https:// (The ‘s’ stands for ‘Secure’).

With these “tons” of business apps do you provide a manual?

We don’t provide manuals, but we do have a number of video tutorials available on all business process apps. Login to TBXONE and go to the help center in the upper right top corner and check out the video. Learn about TBXONE the easy way. Who’s got time for reading manuals? Learn TBXONE basics through advanced videos and get answers to your TBXONE questions. Check out the entire video library to view all of our latest tutorial videos. We’re continually adding brand new video tutorials, so stay tuned!

Can I train myself on TBXONE?

TBXONE has designed a Do-It-Yourself Online FREE Training. Create 2 demo companies. Simulate with these companies the buy and sell process resp. Procure-To-Pay and order-to-cash. With the switch account tool in the top right corner of the screen, you can toggle between these two companies. Go and find the video tutorials at HELP to support you with the training. Please note: After 3 months of inactivity on TBXONE access to your account will be locked. To regain access to your account, you have to contact

Do you provide professional training in supply chain management?

Through our consultancy partners, we provide training to professionals in banking and other industries. Besides TBXONE’s user training, we can provide you with a master class in financial supply chain management (FSCM). This is a one or two-day training respectively for corporate and banking professionals. Over the years, we have offered this program to thousands of professionals from TBXONE onboarding to high-level masterclasses training in FSCM. To further benefit you or your employees from our quality trainings, please read our case study.

I don’t dare to ask, but do you provide other support channels?

You can follow us on social media to get your answers and keep updated on TBXONE. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Google+ and LinkedIn for the latest news. And, of course, you can send your questions to use directly at or go to:  and look for your answers under HELP.

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  • New Release Announcement

    TBXONE version 2.1 is available for use today! We’re happy to announce that the latest release of our TBXONE unified read more…

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