Itemcode: KC-Seller
Country: Indonesia
Pricing, terms and conditions of this PREMIUM
Registration FEE: FSCM IS: IDR 20,000 (twenty thousand) onetime fee
Pricing: Might be subject to local Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax (WHT)

About Komodo Cash

Get your invoices paid early with discounting by offering to formal and informal financiers. How Komodo Cash does works? You set the reserved discount of the approved RN(s). Set the date you want to receive the early payment. Offer your RN(s) to financiers on the platform. Receive the best quotes and get early payment within 2 days after accepting the proposal. With Komodo Cash you can get the best discounting, set early payment depending on your cashflow, it’s non-recourse, its 100% minus discounting and on selected invoices only.


  • You have to have at least 3 months transaction history with the buyer that approve your RN
  • You need to have a bank MANDIRI account
  • Buy this PREMIUM by clicking above button
  • A Quote Request (QR) will be created to TBXONE
  • Accept the QR and invoice will be created
  • Create RN to pay this invoice
  • Add your MANDIRI account in the RN remark and pay
  • After we verify your bank MANDIRI account we will send you per immediate the terms and condition (T&C) and further instructions. The onboarding process is around than 10 working days. And your KC app is activated and you can get easily early payment at your own liberty. The onboarding is a one-time registration activity.
  • If you need more info you can send us an inquiry at support@tbxone.com or go to our website: Terbit International