Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) (Month)

Itemcode: VMI-month
Pricing, terms and conditions of this Value Added Services
Price per month: FSCM IS: IDR 500,000 (five hundred thousand) per month
Pricing: Might be subject to local Value Added Tax (VAT) and Withholding Tax (WHT)

This value added service will remain FREE at least until the end of 2014

About Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

We provide inventory, Item, attributes and category management to support you with VMI. You can use this feature to manage the inventory of your suppliers.


  • Goto VAS select VMI and Buy
  • VMI will be activated
  • Select the suppliers to be activated for VMI
  • Set min-max of quantity of your supplier item
  • Your stock will be updated by the delivery (RA) or manual by returns or stock counts
  • When the stock reach below minimum you will get a warning
  • Quote request will be created to send to the supplier
  • Please note that supplier can see your stock movement to anticipate on your order demand
  • To know more about how VMI can help with your stock management. If you need more info you can send us an inquiry at