Welcome to Terbit Business e-Xchange

TBX it’s the FIRST Indonesian business-to-business e-commerce network. Now you can collaborate with any company, anytime and from anywhere.

Sending and receiving e-documents (quotes, purchase orders, delivery/receiving advices, invoices, credit/debit notes, returns and remittance notes) will benefit your business; cut costs, improve efficiency and increase cash flow visibilities? Replace your paper order-to-pay or order to cash process with 100% electronic documents. Receiving your e-quotes from your trading partner and finalize with an e-invoice.

TBX replace paper business document processes with 100% e-documents easily and immediately, bringing both better trading partner relationships and considerable cost savings.

How e-documents will benefit your business

Connecting trading partners sending and receiving e-documents is often complex, especially if you have a large, global customer base. However, mastering e-documents – including everything from document format conversions, tax compliance and new trading partner connection activation is made easy within TBX.

One Repository for all your e-documents

A single solution to meet all your trading partner e-documents requirements: TBX e-business e-xhangesolutions integrate with your existing finance processes, providing you with one access point from which to send all your e-documents electronically. Get your e-document ecosystem up and running with ease: TBX offers proven processes and tools to collaborate using e-documents – to all your trading partners either they are small or strategic (large) business partners.Send e-documents from anywhere. Rest assured that TBX can easily connect you to all your trading partners – globally and foremost locally.Increase your visibility and control over your e-document processes settle your invoice disputes online and your status tracking and collaboration capabilities make trading with your trading partners more efficient and forecasting more accurate.Generate immediate cost savings: Get rid of expensive manual processes and start enjoying 100% e-documents from NOW.

Last but not least TBX can help you building a GREEN sustainable business

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